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Since 1996, Creative Impressions has served over 800 youth. Through weekly sessions, members (ages 8-18) receive instruction in music theory, sight-singing, performance technique and other fundamentals in the music discipline, while providing group and individual mentorship. There are currently 36 youth enrolled throughout Richmond, Columbia, McDuffie and Burke counties. Performance highlights include President George W. Bush's first National Youth Summit in Washington, DC in 2002, and the National Youth Sports Program Conference at Disney World, Orlando, FL in 2003. In 2015 and 2016, CI participated in Coca-Cola's Pay-It-Forward closing event in Atlanta, GA. The organization also performs locally and collaborates with other community arts groups to include the Augusta Chorale, Augusta Choral Society and Augusta Symphony. Through these and other activities, CI has nurtured and mentored many professional musicians and ambassadors who impact the art world and society at large. Many of our students have served in the armed forces, become attorneys, veterinarians, physicians and educators. Whatever the path they choose, they continue to pursue their passion in the arts, understanding the impact of the arts on our communities.

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